About Mary Jane Mack

Mary Jane Mack has had a thriving practice in Issaquah, Washington since 1992.

With an extensive background in nursing, Mary Jane has worked in Labor & Delivery, Surgical Recovery, and Critical Care.

Previously enrolled as the first non-Chiropractic member of The Masters Circle leadership program in 2004, Mary Jane’s passion today involves Clinical Nutrition.

Her skillful wellness care is appreciated and appraised by her clientele worldwide, as she aims to help people (and their pets) with their wellness journey physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Jen Zelop THRIVE by Jen

As I look back on my career, I can see how everything has led me to where I am today—what an exciting journey! My background is in nursing; I am a registered nurse and have worked in Labor & Delivery, Surgical Recovery, and Critical Care. My work is now in Clinical Nutrition. Another passion of mine are horses, which I have enjoyed most of my life.  What I didn’t know was that my horses were destined to take me into my future.  After doing all the traditional veterinarian  treatments for  them, such as immunizations and chemical de-worming, they did not become the athletes I had hoped for.

After beginning to ride with others, I was introduced to alternative veterinary medicine and seminars.  During the summer of 1991 I was referred to a vet who practiced muscle testing as well as chiropractic to determine nutritional deficiencies. What an eye-opener it was!  He adjusted my horses and put them on specific, clinical nutrition protocols. Within 12 weeks they were dramatically better, continued to improve, and soon became accomplished athletes.

Because of these remarkable results, I learned all I could about how to evaluate and normalize the imbalances of the body.  I heard a soft whisper telling me that this is what I had been searching for that would change my life.

In 1998, I met Dennis Reis, a nationally recognized horseman who teaches natural horsemanship at his ranch in Penngrove, California.  By attending seminars and riding with Dennis, my horsemanship developed in a natural, non-invasive way—an empowering and spiritual experience for me.  Dennis and his horses soon became clients of mine.

It has been remarkably rewarding for me to help people with their wellness journey, and to make such a difference in their lives physically emotionally and spiritually.

– Mary Jane Mack

Utilizing her intuitive ability along with a comprehensive analytical technique, Mary Jane Mack assesses a client’s health status in terms of underlying structural, physiological, metabolic distress, dysfunction or deficiency. Thereby allowing her to make comprehensive nutritional recommendations for better health.

Are you ready to start your journey to physical, emotional, spiritual wellness?