Our Mission

To provide clinically effective natural wellness services to all of our clients, both local and distant, to achieve and maintain vibrant health and joyful lives

Our Passion

To love and serve our clients as best we can by teaching them, i.e., teaching the timeless principles and practices of holistic wellness care together with 21st century scientific research and its relevant philosophy and technology for body, mind & spirit

Our Promise

We promise to walk alongside and guide you (and your pets) on your journey to physicalemotional, and spiritual wellness

What to expect

Once you are a client MJ will talk to you on a weekly schedule to monitor and make sure everything is on target so no time is wasted and you are having predictable results.

The reason this happens is by using TAPS (The Accelerated Performance System), which is a technique of muscle testing, I use a scoring system from one to ten, which tells me where you are, if the number is low this means that system is under performing, if the number is high this means there is inflammation. The perfect score is a 10 for the heart it is a 12 to 15.  Your numbers are monitored and should be moving toward a perfect balance, if for some reason that is not happening there is always an answer to keep you on track.

We use Biotics Research Nutritional Supplements, these products are top of the line and every pill in the bottle is almost exactly the same, this is why we have predictable results.

When you are buying products over the counter and even other major name brands, they are not the same so you never know what you are getting.

Biotics Research Products means we have predictable results.

Your body has all the answers and I always follow the priorities and everything else will follow.

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Email: info@MaryJaneMack.com

I want to thank Mary Jane Mack for her extraordinary health care during the past 15 years.
I began my association with Dr. Mack while serving as a superintendent of schools in the
Seattle area in 1997. The position was a politically and intellectually complex role requiring
optimum physical and mental stamina and agility. Dr. Mack’s analysis and subsequent
protocol allowed me to thrive in the role and significantly improved my overall health and

Following 3 years in that role, I transitioned into two similar
positions over a 7 year period and now into semi-retirement which has brought its own
unique physical and psychological challenges. During the past 10 years, I have consulted
with Mary Jane monthly via phone, email and/or direct contact. Her responsiveness has
saved me from overly zealous surgeons and “pharma-driven” general practitioners. As a
result of her remarkable insight and caring, I have avoided major illness and at 75, I
continue to play golf and basketball weekly as well as running and weight-training daily.
Additionally, I recently received the results of my lab work in conjunction with my annual
physical examination and all of the indicators fell in the normal range for the first time in
over 20 years.

In some significant ways, I am healthier than I was in my 40’s. I am eternally
grateful, Mary Jane was placed in my path and I greatly appreciate her friendship, genuine
caring and remarkable professional competency.

by Dr. Monte R. Littell, Read more Testimonials Here