Rex Maurer
Rex Maurer
Amazing healing intuitive. Saved my life. Awesome🙏🤗
Pat Baccili
Pat Baccili
I've known Mary Jane Mack for 15 years. I've worked with her personally on my own healing as well as referred friends and family. She works with you holistically to get to the root of the problem quickly on the journey to total wellbeing.
rebecca wiswell
rebecca wiswell
I have been Mary Jane for many years and find her to be able to diagnose and treat with amazing accuracy. I have total confidence in her intuition and suggested treatment plan. She and Nancy have such open and kind hearts. Can’t say enough about them.

I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. I saw Mary Jane prior to having a radiological procedure called Gamma Knife. After 2 rounds of steroids for swelling I went back to Mary Jane because the side effects of both the steroids and radiation were horrible. Within 2 days of doing exactly what Mary Jane recommended, I was feeling about 90% better! I’ve remained at that point ever since. I’m doing the supplements she has recommended for aiding in shrinking the tumor. I have full faith in Mary Jane’s God given gift. Without Mary Jane I wouldn’t be enjoying life like I am!! Whether you have something critical happening health wise or you’re just in need of a tune up, do yourself a favor. Start this new year out right and make an appointment to see Mary Jane!

I want to thank Mary Jane Mack for her extraordinary health care during the past 15 years. I began my association with Dr. Mack while serving as a superintendent of schools in the Seattle area in 1997. The position was a politically and intellectually complex role requiring optimum physical and mental stamina and agility. Dr. Mack’s analysis and subsequent protocol allowed me to thrive in the role and significantly improved my overall health and vitality. Following 3 years in that role, I transitioned into two similar

positions over a 7 year period and now into semi-retirement which has brought its own unique physical and psychological challenges. During the past 10 years, I have consulted with Mary Jane monthly via phone, email and/or direct contact. Her responsiveness has saved me from overly zealous surgeons and “pharma-driven” general practioners. As a result of her remarkable insight and caring, I have avoided major illness and at 75, I continue to play golf and basketball weekly as well as running and weight-training daily. Additionally, I recently received the results of my lab work in conjunction with my annual physical examination and all of the indicators fell in the normal range for the first time in over 20 years. In some significant ways, I am healthier than I was in my 40’s. I am eternally grateful, Mary Jane was placed in my path and I greatly appreciate her friendship, genuine caring and remarkable professional competency.

Dr. Monte R. Littell


I wanted to share our family experience under the care of Mary Jane . I must admit that I was initially a skeptic but after witnessing amazing results in our family (even our family dog) I became a believer and ardent proponent of Mary Jane’s technique.

My husband suffered a aortic dissection in 2009 which required immediate medical attention and a lengthy hospital stay in the ICU. Recovery is usually slow and in a high percentage of the cases follow-up surgery is necessary within a year to strengthen the aorta and prevent future aneurisms. Mary Jane was able to immediately identify needed nutrients to strengthen the aorta and eliminate the need for any additional surgery. He quickly was able to resume all his previous activities with even more energy than prior to the dissection. She also was able to relieve chronic stomach issues and even attacks of claustrophobia !

Personally , I have experienced dedicated , concerned care for everything from my teeth … to menapause … to weight loss issues. I currently have lost 30 lbs and look forward to continued sustainable , healthy weight loss.

Our most recent testimony concerns our dog , Molly. A lovable yellow lab that loves to swallow rocks (large rocks). A recent episode left Molly with a bowel obstruction that was very painful and deadly. Mary Jane was able to accurately access the situation and give clear instructions for intervention. Within 24 hrs Molly had recovered and was back to her lovable self.

In fact my husband and I have become so convinced regarding the benefits of TAPS we attended a class given my Mary Jane for novices . We now apply what we’ve learned on a daily basis to score everything from the foods we eat to the clothes we wear. Our first line of defense for any and all health related issues always starts with Mary Jane. She has gained our total respect and trust for her extensive knowledge , integrity and ability to maintain our health naturally.

Thank you , Mary Jane !!! Chrisanna Lohr

Over these many years, whenever any of us is injured, feeling unwell or not able to figure out what is going awry, the first person we think of is Mary Jane Mack. Just walking in to see Mary Jane with her blazing positive energy and optimism raises my own sense of: this problem is not going to last long, and, in fact, I’m already feeling a bit better. I just cannot leave Mary Jane with the same feeling of unwellness that I had arriving.

The stress I would go through having tests and waiting for the fatal results would make me feel depressed and raise my blood pressure considerably.

Mary Jane’s presence on planet earth is a miracle, and I am so grateful she is only 45 min. away.

– Sandra Tuohy

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