Turn Off Headaches, Heal Naturally, Manage Stress

Manufactured exclusively in the United States, the Rezzimax® Tuner PRO is an FDA registered class 1 medical device. It is a portable hand-held device that combines resonance with progressive stress-management techniques to relieve chronic pain without the need for expensive and addictive medications. Originally designed for dental professionals, the Tuner PRO has a wide range of applications and benefits for sufferers of migraines, headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, sinus pain, TMJ/TMD, anxiety, and many other symptoms. When used correctly, the Tuner PRO targets problem areas, calming the nervous system the same way one would lull an infant to sleep.

Science behind Rezzimax from Sharik Peck on Vimeo.

What is the science behind the Rezzimax® Tuner PRO?

Our Dental Professional friends work with many types of temporomandibular pathology. Rezzimax® Therapy techniques and tools will not correct the pathology. Rezzimax® provides pain relief without narcotics. This brings a valid question to anyone trained in the scientific methods of any profession. The question is, “How does this non-narcotic pain relief work?” Our response is a thought-provoking question of our own:


Sure, the Trigeminal Nerve is responsible for closing the mouth. It can also, however; open it back up, as well as retract and protract the jaw! The sensory component of the Trigeminal nerve is also highly developed. With the Rezzimax® Tuner, we use all the branches of the Trigeminal Nerve and all the muscles innervated by this powerful nerve to help you balance and down-regulate the area of the Trigeminal Nerve and its associated trigger points that are holding the pain. This works great for jaw pain and migraine headaches, but how does it assist with neck pain and shoulder pain and other conditions? Invest ten minutes in viewing the presentation below to understand more.

The Rezzimax® Tuner PRO is one of the most effective ways available to “turn off” the pain from TMJ and most headaches in minutes. Just three minutes each day, spent on any of the powerful Rezzimax® techniques, will often break the cycle for many headache sufferers. It is all accomplished by simultaneously balancing branches of the bilateral Trigeminal Nerve and engaging the Vagus Nerve to calm the autonomic nervous system. This video is an example of the powerful effect the Tuner can have on the cranial nerves:

Rezzimax Pain Tuner Pro

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How Our Bodies Respond to Stress

Most people know that when we get fearful or encounter a stressful situation, our central nervous system sets up for fight or flight. Our jaws clench, our neck muscles tighten, as do all of our other muscles–our unnecessary organs (one of those is the brain) shut down so emergency systems take over; and we are either ready to fight or to run. The trigeminal nerve, which stretches out in spider-like fingers on either side of our face, directly connects with our body’s stress systems and muscles responsible for this fight or flight state. This is an important function to have in our bodies, but when we continually face these stressful situations, it is hard on the nervous system. Chronic stress contributes to sub-par functioning, and many times we end up living with chronic pain or illness. However, because there is an opposite system in our body, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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