triggers our body’s natural processes. Electrical impulses travel from nerves around the injured area to our brain, delivering the unpleasant sensation of pain. WellnessPro Plus® operates by disrupting these pain signals received by our synapses, mimicking our natural electric signals to relieve patients from pain.

Electromedical Technologies brought together some of the leading biomedical researchers from around the world to develop next generation TENS machines. Through product innovation and a forward-thinking approach, we succeeded to develop specific algorithms in electrotherapy that work to alleviate pain.


Everyone experiences pain a unique way. Every patient you treat comes with a different type of pain, from duration and intensity to localized or hard to pin down. You’ve mastered the practice of pain management and care, but need a device that can respond to the varied conditions your patients face.

From chronic pain caused by arthritis or inflammation to acute pain that needs short-term alleviation, the WellnessPro Plus is designed to deliver relief that can adapt to almost any pain and any person.

Why Is Electrotherapy Perfect For Treating Pain?

Pain relief is one of the most promising applications of bio-electrical stimulation, especially for the millions of men and women who experience pain and want an alternative to toxic painkillers and invasive surgical procedures.

It blocks nerve signals in a safe and natural way, so the brain doesn’t sense the pain. This delivers relief while allowing other medicine to safely treat the underlying cause of the pain.

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