Project Description

Better Than An Air Purifier

The New Air & Surface Pro with the ActivePure System is not an air purifier but an air and surface scrubber. Conventional air purifiers suck in the air to trap pollutants. This technology turns oxygen and humidity into hydrogen peroxide molecules, called peroxyls, that bind with mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, virus, dander, allergens, and other household contaminants and render them inert. Within minutes every surface in your home or office- desk top, table-top, carpet, furniture, toy, computer- is effectively remediated of unwanted pathogens. This NASA Space Certified technology has a 99.99% kill rate on some pathogens within as little as 15 minutes and a 99.9999% kill rate within an hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this proven?

Yes, NASA certified ActivePure is proven in University Studies and FDA certified lab testing. Results available.

2. Is it hard to install?

AIR & SURFACE PRO is ready to run, right out of the box, just place and plug in to power. Touch screen to turn on.

3. What’s the maintenance?

Because AIR & SURFACE PRO repels particles away, the unit stays clean with periodic rinsing of a washable screen like on back of a hair dryer. Good idea to clean quarterly.

4. What about filters?

The unit comes with optional HEPA and charcoal filters installed for added protection. They are inexpensive to replace if desired. Change as needed depending on environment.

5. Where is best placement location?

Central location with good air flow, scrubbing molecules travel via air flow, can be placed low or on a shelf as molecules are cast out from top. Best to run 24/7, very energy efficient. Tip: Sleep better with AIR SURFACE PRO in bedroom.

6. Is there a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, three-year limited warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.