Horses have always been my passion from the time I was a little kid in Chicago any chance I had to be around horses I was happy.  I always dreamed of having my own horse someday and that dream came true. I have been fortunate to have great horses, able to ride in the mountains on trails that were breathtaking in many ways. I would think how lucky I was to see such beauty that so many would never see because they never go off the main road. I was able to camp under the stars hear the elk nearby. Living the dream.

I realized I wanted a better relationship with my horses, I had seen many natural horsemen and what they were doing to develop that partnership and it wasn’t until I met Dennis Reis, a nationally recognized horseman at a clinic in Haines, Oregon.  My husband and I attended with our two horses and it was at that time I realized this is what I was looking for, a system to grow and be better in my horsemanship.

Well I was hooked and attended every weekend clinic then five and seven day clinics and before long jumped into one month then 3 months. I was determined to be the best I could be, his ranch was in Penngrove, Ca, I would ride all week then fly home on my days off and work then fly back. It was very hard work and I loved every minute of it. After the first 3-month clinic my horse Jake, a three-year-old that started at the ranch was a star.

We did demonstrations at Fairs all over the West coast, then in December we did a big show during Cowboy Christmas at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. Yes, it was a huge event and so much fun. Following year, we did another 3-month clinic, and toured after and ended again at the Excalibur.

My horses have taught me so much about energy, they know when you have it and they know when you don’t. The same applies in life with your relationships and how you relate to your children, they are looking for a leader just like our animals. I learned how important that was in order to stand in my power and teach others to do the same. My life is blessed and I am grateful for all my lessons that have made me who I am today

I found Dennis Reis a nationally recognized Horseman, at a clinic in 1997. I had been to many clinics looking for how I could develop a partnership with my horses. Dennis had what I wanted, and it was the beginning of an amazing journey. I attended every 2-day clinic I could then it was 5 days then 7 days, then 1 month. Each of these I did many times, then Dennis did a 3-month clinic in Penngrove, CA, well of course I went and my husband joined me. For me