Air Scrubber PRO


Better Than An Air Purifier The New Air & Surface Pro with the ActivePure System is not an air purifier but an air and surface scrubber. Conventional air purifiers suck in the air to trap pollutants. This technology turns oxygen and humidity into hydrogen peroxide molecules, called peroxyls, that bind with mold,



Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life! Watch below. Mary Jane Mack is available for questions and orders. Call 888.777.4232 or email Overcame fear of public speaking My name is Dr. Boris Nektalov and I’m from Queens, New York. I started using BrainTap technology for myself



If interested in any of the products here please consult with Mary Jane at your next appointment or stop by the office.

Reading List


Nutrition The Wellness Revolution - Paul Zane Pilzer Why Do I Need Whole Food Supplements - Lorrie Medford The Solution: Never Diet Again - Laurel Mellin, M.S., R.D. Sugar Busters - J. Leighton Steward; Morrison C. Bethea, M.D. Educational Discover Wellness - Dr. Bob Hoffman & Dr. Jason Deitch Power vs. Force - David R. Hawkins The Body Electric - Robert



The Dr. Pat Show Our Vision is to set the standard for a new and fresh kind of Talk Radio, creating conversations that are changing the world, one listener at a time!!! Reis Ranch Universal horsemanship Course. Freedom - Awareness - Movement - Horseman.

Cranial Release Technique


What is Cranial Release Technique? Cranial Release Technique (CRT) is a natural, hands-on approach to releasing the body’s inborn capacity to heal and regenerate itself. CRT can be applied in only minutes, yet it has profound effects on overall health and well-being. Cranial Release Technique works to restore proper function to the nervous system and

Wellness Counseling


Energy or vibrational research (mind-body-environment) increasingly underscores the inseparable connection and dynamic interaction between the physical and metaphysical in their diverse dimensions. Therefore, we stress holistic nutrition counseling for a traditionally defined wholeness to achieve optimal health & wellness for mind, body & spirit.

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Center


Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Center featuring Designed Clinical Nutrition with comprehensive health counseling for nourishment of the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Visit in person or contact for a phone consultation.

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